Cloud computing has brought a range of exciting new developments to the technological world. One of the most innovative is External link opens in new tab or windowcloud hosting, a server solution that could change the way you run your website. 

Using the cloud to host your website is a possible alternative to traditional single servers and a more technologically advanced version of the multiple server concept. Rather than hosting your website on several different servers to ensure a reliable, stable service, the cloud pulls from a network of data centres in multiple locations.

The primary concern that most potential users raise when faced with the prospect of using the cloud network is its privacy. Some websites are hosted using the public cloud resource, which may raise issues around protecting the business’s private details and information from other users. However, there are security measures in place to prevent leaks, and private cloud servers are available for businesses to use that have more stringent safety features.

What Are The Perks?

There are a range of benefits involved in choosing to utilise cloud computing technology to support your website. For example:

  • Security: The physical servers used to power the cloud are contained within secure data centres around the world. These centres are highly secure, protecting your website from any potential disruptions or interference.
  • Pay for what you need: Because the cloud aims to provide web hosting as a service utility, rather than a pre-packaged product, a customer can pay for as much or as little as they need. You won’t find yourself paying steep fees for a service you don’t need.
  • Flexibility: Using a traditional server can leave you struggling if your site suddenly demands additional resources from its host. With the cloud, your server can instantly be expanded to keep up with your traffic and functionality needs. The service is scalable and ready to stretch or shrink to suit your needs.
  • Reliability: Relying on one single server can leave you in a difficult situation should any technological fault arise. With the cloud, your service is hosted by a vast network of servers, so you can continue to access the rest of the cloud’s network regardless of the condition of one individual server. The risk of you losing your website at any given time is extremely low.
  • Customisation options: Everyone likes to stay in control, particularly when it comes to your business. When you host your website through the cloud, you can choose the power of the processor used, the operating system, the server’s location and even the presentation of your content to ensure that it completely fits your vision. No other server is so customizable.