Forget tedious days spent coding websites! Build a professional and fully functional web 2.0 website for your client in less than 3 hours!!

Web designers around the world are using SiteSumo's re-branded online website builder solution to quickly create professional looking websites in a flash. Our product will insert menus, form validation scripts, forums, blogs, photo galleries, secure member area, download file sections, google analytics... and much, much more with a simple click of the mouse!

Why spend time installing complex CMS systems such as Joomla, Wordpress or Expression Engine when you can have all the same features and much more in a system that looks professional, completely re-brandable and ready to go in minutes!
In addition, upon completion of the website you can choose to offer the CMS (editing function) to your clients or alternatively retain access and bill a variation fee each time they require changes.   


How are web designers using SiteSumo reseller program?

As a web designer there are two different business models you can adopt to resell our online website builder:

1: Use a re-branded version of SiteSumo as a back-end system to develop your client's sites

    • Firstly, create a trial account to be used during the design process for the site.
    • Once you are finished the design we will then provide you with a link to activate the account, at which point billing will commence at $29.95 per month for the client.
    • After the account has been activated you can then point a domain name to the account, sending the website live.
    • You then have the option to provide your client with the username and password to edit their own site or alternatively you can retain management for a fee.

2: Have a re-branded front-end retail site for your clients to build their own websites!
    • In a lot of cases you would offer ad-hoc assistance for a fee.

Interested in generating new business?

We have a selection of web designers who use SiteSumo as a prospecting tool by following the process below:
  1. Find an existing site which is in need of a re-design;
  2. Copy the logo, home page text and a couple of images from the existing site;
  3. Create a trial account and select a template which matches the branding of the business;
  4. When creating the trial account select the option to pre-fill the site with example content;
  5. Insert the logo, text and images from the existing site into the trial site;
  6. Publish the site and send an introduction email to the existing site owner with the URL of the new site for them to look at;
  7. Offer to complete the redesign for a fee.

This process can be completed in 15 minutes!!

  • Impress prospective clientele - your company has taken the time to design a complete new website without being paid anything!
  • Give your company a highly proactive and innovative image and edge above other competitors.
  • Easily and efficiently introduce new customers when times are quiet!

Use SiteSumo to add another strong revenue stream into your business.

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